Dhriti Bio Solutions was established in response to a highly complex need: an integrative approach to Health, Nutrition & Environment Optimization. We believe that our combination of strong scientific background and scale-up engineering solutions would fill in the gap of food industries and industrial biotech problems.

The vision of the company is solely research & development and to license out technologies and formulations.

What differentiates us from the rest?

Innovation is an integral part of the major transformation for human ecosystem. Scientists typically investigate innovative formulations or engineering process, but rarely both. For this very reason most of the innovations never see market and are shelved. We argue that innovative formulations and scaling up engineering process should be analyzed in combination, as they are fundamentally constitutive albeit with different levels of interaction. We provide innovative formulations as well as scaling up engineering solutions for the same which differentiates us from the rest.

Dhriti Bio Solutions (DBS) started the first innovative project “Metamofs” in partnership with Potential Health Development Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. After successfully closing the loop of Metamofs., Potential Health Development Pvt Ltd ventured another innovative project with DBS “The Biopolymer”. Dhriti Bio Solutions thus made its name and entered the game of start-up ecosystem. Dhriti Bio Solutions is incubate at CFTRI, Mysore and is a participant in accelerator program at Silicon road, Mysore.